The 2021 harvest is resting in oak barrels. 2020’s is getting ready in the bottles. Are you ready to have your own brand of wine? We offer once a year to a crypto project the exclusive possibility to nourish their community with red natural wine from our vineyard in South of Portugal.

We are doing a natural, artesanal, certified organic wine. This means we use biodynamic treatment in the vineyard and no added sulfites or yeasts in the winery. We don’t conform with naming, for two reasons: Portugal has a weird denomination system, this very system only serves big farms and supports conformity of practices and flavours. We cooperate with 16 years old vines, on a terraced hilltop inside a natural park, on a river 8 km from the Atlantic ocean. The soil profile is shallow clay with xisto, a compacted clay rock formation.

The wine participates in a regenerative way in the landscape, addressing local socio-ecological issues, as well as supporting meaningful livelihoods.

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